Guangzhou Jia Teng Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, has been engaged in industrial automation product development, production, sales, agents and automatic control system design, programming, configuration, commissioning and services high-tech enterprises. The company is Siemens Ltd, China Southern Region authorized agents and system integrators, and while Rosemount, ABB, Rockwell, Mettler - Toledo, Honeywell, Omron, as well as some well-known domestic manufacturers have maintained a good strategic cooperation relationship. The company now has more than experienced system engineers, technicians and site commissioning personnel, can provide you with program design, system integration, software development, technical support, technical training and service package. In the petroleum and chemical industry we have accumulated rich experience, but also involving paper, power, pharmaceutical, food, steel and other industries. Companies strictly enforce the world's most advanced safety and quality standards for our customers to provide quality service to win customers have been affirmed and maintained a long-term relationship