Guangzhou Jia Teng Automation Instrumentation Co.,

1, Where to buy our products, from the date of purchase, commercial grade products provide 1 year warranty, 3-year maintenance services; industrial-grade products provide three-month replacement, 2 year warranty, final

Body maintenance services; except as otherwise agreed.

2, the warranty period, freight borne by the two sides of supply and demand; the warranty period, the customer shall bear the cost of shipping and related materials.

3, related accessories provided with the product does not provide warranty service, such as: cables, terminals, CD-ROM.

4, due to improper operation, man-made damage, unauthorized disassemble, damage, accidents or disasters caused by force majeure and unauthorized products are not covered under warranty fault repair time

From the date of receipt of product maintenance, within seven working days to complete the repair; Ruoyin lack of special accessories, delays, will discuss with customer maintenance time required, but will not exceed the maximum

A month.


The following are not provided limited warranty and warranty service

1, a bar code or has been torn off;

2, casing deformation or fracture and other serious physical damage;

3, Unauthorized repairs or modifications to product damage caused;

4, during the warranty period, but due to man-made damage or violation of instructions for use and product damage, such as: wrong power supply.

5, has exceeded the warranty period of the product;